Mobile provisioning for the low power IoT

The IoT journey is tough, we make it enjoyable

Nymbly's comprehensive Internet of Things platform assists you throughout the whole lifecycle of your devices, tailored to Low Power Wide Area Networks for longer lifetime and cost effective solutions.
In particular, our mobile provisioning toolkit allows you to configure and set up your device security credentials during installation, saving considerable amount of time over manual set up.
Fast-track the design and development of your device
Deploy, maintain and manage your device fleet painlessly and securely
Make sense of your data, accelerate your innovation, grow your business

Platform Features

Hardware Design

Optimised hardware modules selection from the top semi-conductors companies and in-house expertise

Firmware Development

All the tools to get your device up and running: firmware, bootloader, device registration, security credentials provisioning and management, secure key generation. Nordic nrf51 and nrf52 platforms support, LoRaWAN reference implementation and embedded SDK available

Mobile Provisioning

Security Provisioning and Firmware upgrade toolkit using mobile app and Bluetooth Low Energy, mobile SDK available

Device Installation

All the tools to setup your devices: device configuration, RPC framework, end-to-end security. Serialization based on Google’s Protocol Buffers. Support available for main platforms: iOS, Android, Linux, macOS, code generator available

Fleet Maintenance

Server that keeps all your devices up to date: firmawre upgrade over-the-air, data synchronisation, security credentials rotation, through our server and mobile app

Device Management

Device status monitoring, RPC framework, data collection and connectivity management


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